Locker Room

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A darkened locker room filled unfamiliar faces, bodies, smells.  Bright enough to know I like what I see, too dark to see much.  I walk in with my towel loosely draped around my waist and I feel my cock stir as the moans and gasps of dozens of young guys reach my ears.  I see a tan, muscled body curled up on the bench by the lockers, lying on his back with his legs above him in the air.  Another guy, equally ripped, with his face buried in the first guy’s crack, sucking and slurping.  The first guy likes it.  He squeaks and squeals with pleasure.


Down the bench from them, another guy lies on his back, his hands gripping the wood of the bench on either side of his head as his muscular partner bounces up and down on his hard cock, the slick, veined shaft disappearing and reappearing before my eyes with a wet smacking sound.


On the floor next to the showers, a circle of five guys all lying on their sides, sucking off the guy to their right.  Two of them teasing the cock heads, one licking and sucking on a large and sagging pair of balls, and one taking the whole shaft down his throat.  He gags slightly as he gets to the bottom, but he loves it.  He can’t get enough.


I get to the center of the room and let my towel drop to the tile floor.  Several guys stop what they’re doing to check me out.  They don’t stop for long, though.  They’re so horny.  The need to touch, to be touched, is strong in this room, so strong it adds to the smells that already mingle in my nostrils.


Sweat.  Cum.  Piss.


I’m fully erect now, and I am so horned up I can hardly think.  The sound of breathless moans echoes from the showers, and I follow my cock in the direction of the noise.  My breath is taken away as I enter the showers.


Two of the showers have been turned on all the way to hot, filling the entire area with steam, and the small space is packed with over a dozen guys, each one chiseled to perfection, each one horse hung, each one sweating, groaning, stroking.


A gorgeous, dark-haired jock walks up to me, the swollen head of his intimidating dick poking me in the stomach as he presses against me, handing me a warm, open bottle of beer.


“Load up,” he says.


“What?” I ask.


In response, he leans in and sticks his tongue in my mouth, searching, massaging, as he rubs the head of his dick from side to side against my stomach, smearing his precum all over my abs.


When he is finished taking ownership over my mouth, he grips my jaw and turns my face toward the corner of the room.


A young guy sits in the corner, can’t be more than 20 years old, and built like a football player.  Eyes squeezed shut, teeth bared in an expression half ecstasy and half torture.  His toes curl and uncurl and he strokes his thick cock slowly as the six guys standing around him piss all over his body. 


Waterfalls of warm golden liquid shower down on this guy, and he rubs it into his chest with his free hand, mouth open in pleasure.  One of the standing guys has a massive hard on, and the piss comes out of him in a stream aimed straight at the ceiling.  It arcs over and back down onto the top of the young guy’s head, streaming down past his ears and over his closed eyes.  He sticks his tongue out to taste it and moans louder than anyone else in the room.


“You like what you see?”  My new beer buddy squeezes my ass cheek roughly.


I nod my head, speechless.


“Good,” he says.  “’Cause you’re next.”




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